Chairman's Statement

Dear Shareholders,  

History cruises through magnificent waves, the tide of times surges endlessly. The year of 2018 was an exceptional twelve months for CNOOC Limited, and we are ready to seize key opportunities in 2019.

The global economy faced strong headwinds during 2018, with international oil prices fluctuating and falling sharply after a rebound. However, facing a variety of uncertainties, CNOOC Limited continued to focus on its own development, expanded its oil and gas reserves and production at a steady pace, strengthened its cost control and achieved remarkable results.

The past year for CNOOC Limited was both a period of pioneering and innovative development and a year of growth and prosperity. In 2018, we successfully achieved our production targets, with our net oil and gas production reaching 475 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE). In terms of exploration, 17 commercial discoveries were made and 17 successful appraisals of oil and gas structures were achieved. In offshore China, multiple high-quality mid-to-large size oil and gas fields, including Bozhong 19-6 and Bozhong 29-6, were successfully appraised. Going forward, Bozhong 19-6 gas field is expected to play an important role in ensuring a clean energy supply in the Bohai Rim Region. In overseas, 12 discoveries in total were made in the Stabroek block in Guyana. CNOOC Limited’s reserve replacement ratio reached 126% and its reserve life improved to 10.5 years in 2018. These further strengthened the Company’s resource foundation for sustainable development in the future.

In 2018, CNOOC Limited’s profitability further enhanced. The Company’s oil and gas sales revenue amounted to RMB185.9 billion, with the net profit reaching RMB52.7 billion. In order to share our remarkable results with our shareholders, the Board of Directors recommended the payment of a final dividend of HK$0.40 (tax inclusive) per share for 2018.

History nurtures those who are determined, progressive, and committed to fight against adversity. China National Offshore Oil Corporation, our parent company, was established and has flourished during the period of China’s Reform and Opening. As a sustainable energy supplier and shareholder value creator, CNOOC Limited inherited the powerful traits of its parent company to forge forward.

It’s our responsibility and inherent dynamics to provide energy for the development of society. It has been our primary goal to expand reserves and production. Our net production jumped from less than 300,000 BOE per day when we were listed in 2001 to approximately 1.3 million BOE per day in 2018. Net proved reserves increased from 1.8 billion BOE to 4.96 billion BOE and total assets increased from RMB44.3 billion to RMB678.8 billion. The Company’s scope of operation and scale of assets also expanded steadily, and our overall strength resulted in healthy growth across the oil price cycles.

The rapid pace of our growth over the years has won numerous acclaims. We will, however, continue to ensure that the increase in production volume would not affect our pursuit of high quality development. As a daring and pioneering Company, CNOOC Limited launched the “Year of Quality and Efficiency” program in early 2014, which focuses on cost control through technological and management innovation. Five years later, with the support of all the employees, our efforts from the programme have yielded positive results. In 2018, we achieved cost reduction for the fifth consecutive year, with all-in cost of US$30.39 per BOE. Looking forward, we are confident and ready to take on bigger challenges. We will continue to promote the long-term mechanism of quality and efficiency enhancement, strengthen our core competitiveness, and facilitate the collaborative and simultaneous promotion of quality and scale to accomplish synergetic development.

“High Quality Development”, “Winning the Blue Sky Defense Battle” and “Stabilizing Bohai’s Production at 30 million tons for Another Decade”, etc. are just some popular slogans in 2018 of the Company you may have aware. We are committed to defining our own future and embarking on the road to success through continuous hard work. In order to accomplish its core missions, CNOOC Limited will continue to explore mid-to-large size oil and gas fields and make efforts on both oil and gas exploration, aiming at making bigger and more discoveries in China and overseas. We will also adhere to green and low-carbon concepts to ensure the development of new oil and gas fields, deepen our reforms and innovation and continue to improve our operation efficiency.

We used to be proud of being an offshore “special economic zone”. Today, we are at a critical moment as we are facing more challenges when we ascend on our path towards the further development of the Company. We have faced many challenges during the course of our development over the past three decades and we have dealt with them by maintaining high quality development and resolving problems with effective reforms. We will continue to do so in the future.

Looking ahead, CNOOC Limited will continue to adhere to low-carbon development strategies: vigorously develop our natural gas business and actively explore opportunities of renewable energy such as offshore wind power. This is not only a new requirement of the construction of “Beautiful China”, but is also an integral part of CNOOC Limited’s development strategy. As we have entered the digital era, ensuring a successful digital transformation is an important requirement for each and every enterprise. Applying new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to cultivate new kinetic energy will help to break bottlenecks that we have not been able to crack for many years. We will work hard to turn challenges into opportunities and turn every incoming storm into a driving force to propel us forward.

At the same time, CNOOC Limited will always make health, safety and environmental protection its top priority and actively fulfil its social responsibilities. As the scale of production continues to increase, our occupational safety record maintained at a high level while ensuring production safety remains an important part of our corporate culture. Moreover, we have always been a responsible corporate citizen and have endeavoured to giving back to the society with solid actions as demonstrated by our strong presence in many areas, including medical care, marine rescue and marine development. In 2018, CNOOC Limited ranked sixth in Forbes’ Global 2000 list of the World’s Best Employers. It is the only energy company and the only Chinese company among the top 10 entries, reflecting a wide recognition of the Company by our employees and the society.

In 2018, Mr. Liu Jian resigned as the Vice Chairman and a Non-executive Director of the Company. Mr. Wu Guangqi resigned as a Non-executive Director and Mr. Wang Dongjin was appointed as the Vice Chairman and a Non-executive Director of the Company. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Liu and Mr. Wu for their contributions to the Company’s development during their tenure and welcome Mr. Wang to the Board of Directors.

Only those who are dedicated can go far, and only those who have an inquisitive mind can innovate. When the new dawn emerges from the eastern horizon, CNOOC Limited has already set sail on a new journey, leading the way to overcome difficulties, meet challenges, and chart the brightest passage for the future of the Company.

Hong Kong, 21 March 2019