Chairman's Statement

Dear Shareholders,  

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to present the annual report of the Company for the year ended 31 December 2016 and wish to extend my sincere gratitude for your continuous support and concern.

By the time this report is published, we have got through another “cold winter” of low oil prices. During the past year, global economic growth remained stubbornly low. International oil prices stayed at a low level during the first half of the year and rebounded moderately during the second half. The oil industry all over the world experienced turbulence caused by the plunge in oil prices. Although prolonged low oil prices have exerted considerable pressure on the Company’s profitability, you may have already noticed that we were able to further demonstrate our strong cost competitiveness. In addition, we kept improving our corporate governance mechanism and both our abilities to withstand risks and sustain growth have been enhanced.

In 2016, the Company achieved net oil and gas production of 476.9 million BOE amidst a further reduction in capital expenditures. The four projects planned at beginning of the year all successfully commenced production. In terms of exploration, a total of 14 commercial discoveries were made, and 25 successful appraisals of oil and gas structures were achieved. Oil and gas reserves derived from independent exploration in offshore China maintained at relatively high levels. Exploration activities in new areas achieved breakthroughs too. Several major high-quality projects overseas progressed smoothly. Exploration in the Starbroek block in Guyana once again achieved a significant discovery.

The Company’s oil and gas sales revenue for the year amounted to RMB121.3 billion; net profits reached RMB637 million. While delivering our results for the year, we have not forgotten to reward our shareholders: the Board of Directors has recommended a final dividend of HK$0.23 (tax inclusive) per share for the year.

Before this cycle of sharp fall of oil prices, the Company’s management took precautions and initiated the “Year of Quality and Efficiency” program by implementing very stringent cost control. For the last three years, we have unrelentingly pursued a management concept centered on cost control and efficiency enhancement. We have formulated a practical development plan for the Company. I am pleased to take this once-a-year opportunity to sincerely communicate with you in a hope to further enhance your understanding of the Company.

Reshaping our cost competitiveness

The most important link in the Company’s value chain has always been to create more benefits to our shareholders. Facing with oil price fluctuations – which are beyond our control – we have consistently put cost control as the key in dealing with industry cycles. Over the past four years, the Company’s all-in cost has dropped from its highest level of US$45.02 per BOE in 2013 to US$34.67 per BOE in 2016. The operating expenses per BOE have significantly declined by 37.8%, back to US$7 level.

In 2016, the Company paid further attention to quality and efficiency and struck a balance between the Company’s short-term going concern and long-term sustainable development. It pursued growth with value and increased profitability-oriented production volume. As a result, its ability for sustainable development has improved overall.

Since the listing of the Company, we have never compromised the pursuit for quality of our growth. In recent years, through further cost management, paying attention to every minor area, and reshaping our cost competitiveness from the Company level to project level, we have been able to achieve the outstanding results that we see today.

In 2016, the Company maintained prudent financial policies, improved capital efficiency, optimized its asset portfolio structure, focused more on asset returns, and realized sound and steady growth in every business areas.

Reform and innovation spur growth

Long before there were any inklings of the current low oil price environment, the management had begun to explore ways to resolve bottlenecks in the growth of the Company. This year, innovative strategies are being implemented to drive growth, and human resources systems reforms were deepened to stimulate the vitality of the Company’s development.

A people-oriented approach with a strategy to develop talent forms the foundation of the Company’s development. We fully appreciate that talent is the driving force of our growth. Without a sufficient talent reserve, the Company would lack the momentum for long-term growth. For this reason, we have stepped up our efforts to train young management and research personnel and we have adopted incentives to stimulate the continued development of the Company.

Thanks to its effective talent and development strategies, the Company has made considerable achievements in the area of scientific research during the year. With research focusing on exploration and development technology of deep-water oil and gas fields, offshore heavy oil, low porosity and low permeability oil and gas fields, the Company has benefitted from some remarkable research progresses – a number of which have already been applied with good results. Such research provides strong technical support for the sustainable development of the Company.

However, reforming and innovating do not mean reckless endeavor. During the past year, we maintained a prudent financial policy and focused our efforts in building a sound risk management system to better monitor and control the risks associating with major investment decision-making processes.

The Company attaches great importance to health, safety and environmental protection, promoting the awareness of safety, strengthening safety and risk control, and enhancing the development of a safety culture. We have taken strict precautions to prevent major risks in order to achieve smooth and stable operations throughout the year.

We have continued to ensure that our standards are on par with our international first-class peers. Through continuous learning and innovation, we want to ensure a smooth ride for the Company. In 2016, the Company was awarded the “Asian Excellence Award” and “Asia’s Best Corporate Social Responsibility (China)” award by Corporate Governance Asia, the Platinum Award of “2016 Corporate Awards” and “Best Initiatives in Environmental Responsibility” by The Asset, and “2016 China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards – Most Influential Brand for a Listed Company” by Ta Kung Pao, which highlights the market recognition of the Company’s good governance and its fulfilment of social responsibility.

A comprehensive strategic plot

In 2017, our strategies in exploration will focus on the continued search for large and medium-sized oil and gas fields. We will adhere to a value-driven approach, optimize our exploration portfolio and focus on the quality of our oil and gas reserves. We will prioritize high-return and quick-monetization assets to enhance the competitiveness of our core business and to secure the mid-to-long term sustainable development of the Company.

In 2017, a total of five new projects will commence production, of which, the Penglai 19-9 comprehensive adjustment project and the Enping 23-1 oilfields have already come on stream. During the year, more than 20 new projects will be under construction, laying a strong foundation for the sustainable development of the Company.

After years of hard work, we have established our presence in more than 20 countries and regions. With its diversified portfolio of high-quality assets, the Company actively participates in numerous world-class oil and gas projects, becoming one of the world’s leading industry players. Whatever challenges lie ahead, we are fully confident of the Company’s future development potential.

In 2016, Mr. Liu Jian was appointed as the Vice Chairman and a Non-executive Director of the Company. Mr. Yuan Guangyu was appointed as the President and an Executive Director of the Company. Mr. Li Fanrong resigned as the Chief Executive Officer and an Executive Director. Mr. Lv Bo resigned as a Non-executive Director. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Li Fanrong and Mr. Lv Bo for their contributions and services to the Company and welcome Mr. Liu Jian and Mr. Yuan Guangyu.

Considering the uncertainties in the world’s economy, we have no way of predicting the future of oil prices. Nevertheless, with our team’s determination and perseverance, with our courage and confidence, we believe that we can overcome difficulties and look forward to a brighter future.

Chairman and CEO
Hong Kong, 23 March 2017

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