Chairman's Statement

Dear Shareholders,  

In 2015, the steep downward adjustment of the global economy has continued unabated with little signs of recovery. International oil prices have continued to hover at low levels due to concerns over the prospects of global economic growth and oversupply of crude oil. With oil prices once again plummeting towards the end of the year, worldwide oil and gas industry is experiencing a “cold winter”.

We have proactively adjusted our approach and strategy for our future development, continued to focus on quality and efficiency, so as not only strive for survival, but also seek for future development. In 2015, the Company significantly reduced capital expenditures by 38% compared to 2014 and achieved favorable results in different areas of business.

First, we successfully achieved oil and gas production target for the year. Net oil and gas production reached 495.7 million BOE, representing a 14.6% growth over the prior year. The seven new projects planned for 2015 also commenced production smoothly, many of which were ahead of schedule, demonstrating once again our strong capability in project management.

Second, we maintained an intensive exploration program while lowering our exploration capital expenditures. With remarkable achievements in our oil and gas exploration, we have built a solid foundation for the Company’s sustainable development. We once again achieved excellent results from our independent exploration offshore China, with new discoveries including mid-to-large discoveries such as Liuhua 20-2 and the successful appraisal of a number of mid-to-large size oil and gas structures such as Caofeidian 6-4. We also continued to maintain a relatively high exploration success rate and opened up new frontier areas for future exploration. Breakthroughs were also made in overseas exploration. We obtained new discoveries in Algeria and Nigeria, and successfully appraised three oil and gas structures including Libra in Brazil.

The Company continued to benchmark against first-class international peers in terms of business performance and management criteria to improve the profitability of international business and continuously enhance its ability in operating overseas assets. Under the low oil price environment, we closely monitored and strictly controlled the decision-making and execution process of major overseas investment projects. We also conducted comprehensive analysis on costs and returns of these projects. At the same time, we adopted measures to further strengthen risk management of our overseas operations.

In 2015, the Company continued to carry out the “Year of Quality and Efficiency” program. Ensuring stable and safe operations of oil and gas fields and increasing the production efficiency have been the paramount mission for the Company. We have stimulated the momentum of our operations through innovation in management and effectively reduced operating costs through market mechanism. Through innovation in technology, we have embarked on the path for future growth, and we have established a system to streamline our cost structure in the long-term, laying a solid foundation to deal with the risk of continuing low oil prices. During the year, the Company’s all-in cost decreased to US$39.82 per BOE, representing a decline for the second consecutive year. The importance of quality and efficiency has been deeply embedded in the heart of every employee of the Company.

Benefitting from the excellent corporate governance and healthy operations, the Company has been selected as one of the forerunners in the Platts 2015 “Top 250 Global Energy Company Ranking”, ranking the fourth in the overall ranking chart and named the first place in the “oil and gas exploration and production” sector as well as in the “Asia/Pacific Rim” sector.

In view of the solid financial condition of the Company, the Board has recommended a final dividend of HK$0.25 per share (tax inclusive) for the year of 2015.

The downward cycle of oil prices has been deeper and longer than the industry’s expectation. The supply and demand pattern of international oil and gas is undergoing profound transformation. Going forward, oil prices may continue to be at low levels. Accordingly, the Company may face an even more complicated and difficult operating environment.

With the challenging external environment, both the management and staff are well prepared for the long-term confrontation with the “cold winter” and will pull our strengths together to manage through this difficult period. We will continue to adjust our operating strategies, intensify the activities for the “Year of Quality and Efficiency”, make further room for growth through reform and innovation, and consolidate our results through improved systems and policies.

We will maintain our prudent financial policies, be more stringent on investment decisions and strengthen cost control. We will also closely monitor our cash-flow management so as to maintain a more competitive financial condition.

We will ensure a balance between short-term benefits and long-term development. In the area of exploration, we will prioritize exploration work offshore China, striking a balance between mature areas, rolling areas and frontier areas. Overseas, we will focus on high-quality blocks and conventional oil and gas exploration. At the same time, we will strengthen value-driven exploration philosophy to accumulate a strong resource base for future development. In the area of development and production, we will proceed cautiously with our investment decisions and place emphasis on returns. We will continue the development of our nearly 20 existing projects at a steady pace, ensuring the sustainable growth of the company.

We will persist with green and sustainable development. We will continue to maintain the standards for safety and environmental protection, enhance our capability of risk management and emergency response, to ensure safe and reliable production operations. Meanwhile, we will actively develop clean energy and increase the supply of natural gas and its competitiveness in the market.

In 2015, Mr. Wang Yilin resigned as Chairman of the Company, and Mr. Wang Jiaxiang retired as Non-Executive Director. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish to extend my appreciation to Mr. Wang Yilin and Mr. Wang Jiaxiang for their contributions to the Company.

Despite the changing industry environment and the challenges resulting from low oil prices, I remain confident in the future of the Company. After steady growth in the past decades, CNOOC Limited is already equipped with a solid foundation to deal with external risks. The Company has a forward-looking vision and extensive experience to face periodic industry cycles. The enormous potential in Chinese energy industry and market has brought ample opportunities for future development of the Company. CNOOC Limited is committed to working hand in hand with all shareholders and welcome the arrival of spring.


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