Vision and Commitments

As an energy company with a strong sense of corporate responsibility, we believe that our primary social responsibility is to supply clean, reliable and stable energy for society and to meet reasonable energy needs through exploring natural resources in a safe, efficient and environmental friendly way.

As a Chinese company, we have been standing firmly with international energy giants and contributing to the resolution of global energy issue, with particularly close attention paid to the country's energy needs.

At CNOOC Limited, we believe that fulfilling our corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals requires more than acknowledgement, belief and thought from senior management to individual employees; we believe it is a concept that should be integrated into our management system and organizational culture.

In recognition of the worldwide trend of placing emphasis on CSR, we actively explore the overlapping goals between social responsibility and our business development strategy. As we strive to consistently improve the performance of the Company's management and operations, we are seeking ways to leverage social responsibility to facilitate the development of both the Company and society.

Therefore,  we have primarily focused on further integrating CSR into our management system and increasing employee participation in our CSR initiatives. We have taken concrete actions on social responsibility that combine the Company's economic, environmental and social esponsibility with development needs. CSR initiatives have been reflected on the Company's business goals and development model.

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