Vision and Commitments

As an energy company, it is the Company’s responsibility to deliver sustainable energy to society. In the future, the Company will promote clean, healthy, and green energy models with our partners on the industry chain. We will work with stakeholders and turn social responsibility a drive for the Company to grow together with the society.

It is our commitment to sustainable development that we will develop existing natural resources in a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly manner and provide society with clean, reliable and stable energy that meets reasonable energy demand. The economy, environment, and society form the three cornerstones for us to unfold our businesses in energy resource development and value creation. As our business and economic contributions grow steadily, we will press ahead on the road of environmental protection and societal progress. Continued efforts will be made in integrating economic, environmental and social factors to drive the sustainable development of the Company.

ESG Management

The Company is highly concerned with ESG management and has incorporated ESG into corporate governance. The Board takes full responsibility for the Company’s strategy and reporting on ESG, evaluates and clarifies all related risks and ensures implementation of proper and effective risk management and an internal ESG monitoring system.

Communications with Stakeholders

Deep understanding of our stakeholders’ expectations serves as the bedrock for the Company to fulfill CSR and achieve sustainable development. We maintain open, transparent and multichannel communications with stakeholders on a variety of social responsibility issues. The Company’s stakeholders primarily include: shareholders and creditors, employees and employee organizations, governments and regulatory authorities, business partners and service providers, the public and communities, charities and non-government organizations (NGOs) and clients.