Employee Responsibility

CNOOC Limited regards employees as its most precious resource and asset. Adhering to our people-oriented development concept, the Company focuses on employees’ rights and interests, complying with employment related labor law and regulation, constantly perfecting the labor system so as to create an environment for staff growth and career development. At the same time, the Company cares for employees’ physical and mental health, and endeavors to build a safe production environment for employees, benefitting everyone with a shared growth.

Employment Policies

CNOOC Limited respects the basic human rights which all employees are entitled to, strictly abides by applicable domestic and international laws and regulations, and has constantly improved its internal employment management system. In China, we act in strict compliance with international conventions ratified by the Chinese Government, such as the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination in Employment and Occupation, and local laws and regulations such as the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China, Employment Ordinance, etc. We have established our own employment and labor contract management system to safeguard all employees’ rights and interests in compliance. For overseas operation, the Company acts in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and international conventions which the Chinese government supports. We have established an overseas employee management system, and respect the legitimate rights of all employees.

Employee Rights and Interests

CNOOC Limited endeavors to create an open, transparent, equal, and diversified environment, and pays attention to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees. We offer employees competitive compensation packages; implement a salary increase scheme and a remuneration allocation system that is consistent with the market. The Company’s remuneration allocation, which put more emphasis on technical experts and the field employees, is closely associated with employees’ quality of work, values and contributions. A pay mechanism that matches employee income to the Company profit growth has also been adopted to ensure employees benefit from the Company’s ongoing development.

Employee Development

CNOOC Limited sticks to the concept of "growing together with employees" and has improved its training system. Through building an employee development system and creating development opportunities, the Company motivates employees to realize their self-worth. Actively responding to the “innovation-driven” strategy, CNOOC Limited has put significant effort into developing innovative talents. We have built a number of innovative talent training centers to build a team of world-class scientists and high-level technological leaders. In 2018, CNOOC Limited continued promoting its talent development scheme and implementing the five-year talent development plan. Based on the existing three streams of the talent system, in terms of management (M rank), technician (T rank) and worker (W rank), we have developed suitable career paths for employees based on professional skills and requirements. The Company has refined its professional title management system and talent assessments. According to our talent team structure and management levels, we formulated a full-coverage, hierarchical and distinctive talent development plan to promote knowledge development and engineering innovation, standardized expert selection, and coordinated the development of talent teams at all levels to further enhance our core competitiveness, as well as the overall quality and capabilities of our talent teams.

Employee Training

CNOOC Limited is growing together with employees and building multi-level training systems to continuously empower employees. 2018 Training Performance 

•  57 key training programs 

•  266,266 trainees 

•  1.24 million total training hours 

•  80,605 hours of online training 

•  Average training per person for management personnel: 81 hours 

•  Average training per person for technical personnel: 76 hours 

•  Average training per person for skilled workers: 88 hours 

•  Course developers and internal lecturers: over 300 

•  Courses for development and production directors: 45 

•  Training micro-courses for underground operation & supervision: 30 

•  Special micro-courses related to QHSE: 10

Employee Health

CNOOC Limited complies with the Production Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, Fire Prevention Law of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations of host countries and regions overseas. The Company continued to improve our occupational health management system. We took active measures to control noise hazards in the offshore operational environment, made further use of occupational health management information systems, and applied hierarchical management to achieve full coverage occupational health surveillance and regular monitoring of hazards that could lead to occupational disease.

Staff Care

CNOOC Limited takes good care of its employees and follows the concepts of "people-orientation" and "mutual development with employees" in practice. In order to help employees maintain their work-life balance, the Company offers paid vacations and home leaves, and also encourages employees to take vacations. Besides, the Company also grants a one-time settlement subsidy and comprehensive allowance and provides temporary dorms for migrant employees. We have “Mommy’s Caring House” for breast-feeding female employees to keep them safe, healthy and happy.