Safety and Environmental Protection

Ensuring safety and minimizing the environmental impact are integral to the Company’s sustainable growth. All along, the Company has upheld the HSE core value concepts of “Safety First, Environment Paramount, Focus on People, and Equipment Integrity”. The Company actively copes with the challenges that its safety production and environmental protection work encounter in a low oil price environment and keeps improving its HSE system management. It cultivates an unique HSE culture with its own characteristics. It works hard to provide both its staff and its contractors with a safe working environment, and to foster first-rate management abilities in production safety.

Environment Management

Adhering to the development idea of a “green, low-carbon, clean, and circular economy,” CNOOC Limited has stepped up its efforts in the building of an “energy-saving and environment-friendly” enterprise. In accordance with management principles on the whole-process control, the Company continued to strengthen the whole-process environmental protection management of construction projects, integrating its environmental protection ideas into its daily production and operations. As a result, the Company effectively reduced environmental risks and hazards and realized the sustainable development of its enterprise and the environment.

Water Resources Management

CNOOC Limited is focused on improving the utilization efficiency of water resources, and is pushing for comprehensively strengthening of water resources management through stronger monitoring, technological innovation and transformation, and comprehensive sewage treatment.

In 2016, the Company continued to promote its water-saving management. Employee awareness of water crises and of the need for water conservation was improved through water-saving campaigns. The Company issued Detailed Rules on Water Conservation Management and adopted a series of measures for water conservation management and technologies. It also optimized production processes, which resulted in reduction in water consumption per unit product. In addition, the Company saved precious water resources via desalination of seawater. In 2016, the Company’s total fresh water consumption amounted to 1.879 million tons, fresh water consumption per oil and gas production unit was 0.0335 tons, and the annual water saving amounted to 113,000 tons.

Ecological Protection

A good ecological environment is an important guarantee that the Company makes in its efforts to acquire stable oil and gas resources and to achieve sustainable development. We have paid a lot of attention to protecting the ecological environment, to upholding our business concept of “energy conservation, environmental protection, and green, low-carbon emissions” during all production and operation activities. We have actively enhanced employees’ awareness of protecting the ecological environment, have vigorously promoted initiatives in ecological and environmental protection, have strengthened our efforts to restore the ecological environment, have conducted resource conservation and research, have maintained the environment’s biodiversity, and have done our best to mitigate damage to the ecological environment.

On July 30th, 2016, the Shenzhen Branch of CNOOC Limited launched its fishery ecological protection campaign for the development of the Huizhou 25-8/Xijiang 24-3B and Panyu 10-2/5/8 oilfields in the Lingdingyang sea area on the Pearl River Mouth, the largest habitat of Chinese white dolphins. On that day, 510 scatophagus argus and some 1.3 million spagrus microcephalus fry swam into the sea. The Shenzhen Branch carried out two fish releases in 2016, releasing a total of over 20 million fish and shrimps.

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