Safety and Environmental Protection

Ensuring safety and minimizing the environmental impact are integral to the Company’s sustainable growth. All along, the Company has upheld the HSE core value concepts of “Safety First, Environment Paramount, Focus on People, and Equipment Integrity”. The Company actively copes with the challenges that its safety production and environmental protection work encounter in a low oil price environment and keeps improving its HSE system management. It cultivates an unique HSE culture with its own characteristics. It works hard to provide both its staff and its contractors with a safe working environment, and to foster first-rate management abilities in production safety.

Adhering to the idea of a “Green, Low-carbon, Clean, and Circular Economy”, CNOOC Limited has stepped up its efforts to build an “Energy-saving and Environment-friendly” enterprise, and continuously push forward various work in environment management.

Whole-process Environmental Protection ManagementPre-feasibility StudyFeasibility Study / ODPDesignConstructionTrial ProductionProductionAbandonment
Environmental Requirements for Building a Project▪ Pre-assessment of Environmental Risk▪ Public Participation Instruction
▪ Environmental Impact Assessment Report
▪ Environmental Protection
▪ Basic design has to gain environmental assessment permission before being submitted to investment committee
▪ Implementation plan as required by environmental assessment and permission for the project
▪ Reports of environmental assessment changes to the project
▪ Environmental Protection Program▪ Completion Acceptance Report for Environmental Protection
▪ Environmental Facilities Standardization Report
▪ Environmental Impact — Post Evaluation▪ Disposal of Environmental Impact Assessmen
Environmental Management Information System▪ Submitting Pre-assessment Report▪ Submitting Feasibility Study Report, ODP Report, Monthly Impact Assessment Report, internally Reviewed Report, Draft and Reporting Files of impact Assessment▪ Submitting project impact assessment draft for approval, approval documents, as well as impact assessment implementation program and change report▪ Submitting Management Program▪ Submitting documents of “Three Simultaneous” application, environmental protection facilities calibration report, completion acceptance report and approval Turning projects with completion acceptance approvals into factories▪ Registering emission outlets, recording and reporting pollutant emission data
▪ Filling environmental supervision, clean production, personnel training, due diligence, work evaluation and monitoring plan in the system as per requirements
▪ Submitting abandonment implementation program, abandonment impact assessment implementation report and approval, as well as environmental monitoring program
Environmental Management Requirements ▪ "Three Wastes" Treatment Technology Management;Wastewater Up-to-standard Emission and Recycle Guidelines; Air Pollutant Treatment Technology Guidelines; Solid Waste Treatment Technology Guidelines▪ "Three Simultaneities" of Environmental Protection Design▪ Environmental Supervision in Construction Project▪ Environmental Protection Inspection before Trial Production Environmental Protection Acceptance after Completion of Construction Project▪ Pollutant Emission Monitoring▪ Environmental Monitoring Plan

Water Resources Management

CNOOC Limited upheld the principle of “Paying Equal Attention to Increase Sources and Reduce Usage and Giving Priority to Conservation”. It focused on improving the use of water resources and pushed for comprehensive strengthening of water resources management through stronger monitoring, technological innovation and transformation, and comprehensive sewage treatment.

In 2017, the Company’s total fresh water consumption amounted to 1.813 million tons, fresh water consumption per oil and gas production unit was 0.0332 cubic meters/tons, and the annual water saving amounted to 88,000 tons.

Marine Ecological Protection

CNOOC Limited has always been proactively promoting and practicing protection of marine eco-civilization. It pays high attention to protecting ecological diversity near the area of operation. The Company advocates balance between project construction and operations, and ecological protection. It attained win-win results between ecological protection and project construction by restoring the environment, resource conservation and research, and protection of ecological diversity.

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