Social Contribution

  • Social Responsibility
  • Public welfare
CNOOC Limited actively engaged in activities to benefit the society and tried to achieve joint development with the society and community.

Marine Rescue

Accidents are not uncommon at sea. While CNOOC Limited has offshore operations, the Company is committed to contributing to humanitarian effort, taking social responsibility, and playing a role in marine rescue. In 2015, the Company took part in 44 maritime emergency rescues, involving 60 sea navigations and flights.

Public Welfare

On January 20, the volunteers of “Blue Force” from the Shanghai branch visited Ni’nan Compulsory Education School at Dongtou County in Wenzhou City. Besides donating 160 sets of winter uniforms to the students, the volunteers shared information on oceans and ocean life. With the camellia in full bloom, the volunteers cited items most familiar to the children, who were enthralled by the vivid descriptions and comprehensive content.

Educational levels are relatively low for the people living in the communities adjacent to CNOOC Southeast Asia Branch. As part of a long-term educational aid plan, the Company gave out student grants and sponsored tuition for high school students taking college entrance examination, established a scholarship program in local universities, and offered books, computers, and stationery to schools in the poor areas. In 2015, the Company sponsored the tuitions of 295 students in the third grade in four high schools in Thousand Islands to help them obtain better results in the college entrance examination. It offered scholarships to 270 high school students and 237 college students so that they could complete their studies.

To inspire students in the communities where the Company operates, CNOOC Uganda Limited launched the CNOOC Limited Scholarship Program for academically advanced students. In May, the Company awarded Excellent Result Certificates and scholarships to 240 students, welcomed by goodwill for itself from local schools and parents. Besides, the Company oversaw the second batch of beneficiaries from the international scholarship program established by the Company in Uganda in 2014. In September, after several rounds of screening, three students out of more than 100 applicants were chosen to pursue further studies in the China University of Petroleum (East China).

Community Building

In terms of community building, the Company not only paid attention to the workplace environment, but also contributed to improving the community environment by helping build local communities and by fulfilling its social responsibilities.

In the three years since the launch of the poverty-relief project, a series of infrastructure construction projects, including the Huangchuan village breeding base, the culture plaza, road lighting and transformation of ramshackle buildings, have been completed. This has improved the living conditions of residents, increased the collective income of the village tenfold, and doubled the annual average per capita income of lower income households. On November 5, the concrete pavement of the 6- kilometers road in Huangchuan village funded by the Shenzhen branch was completed, thus meeting the target of cement road access for the entire community of more than 300 residents in Huangchuan village, on schedule.

In Weizhou Island, up to the end of November, Weizhou Terminal Treatment Plant affiliated to Zhanjiang branch provided an aggregate total of 108,000,000 kWh at a low price, finally ending the prolonged unavailability of low-price electricity to residents. In addition, the treatment plant provided strong support for the development of the island by providing nearly 1 million cylinders of inexpensive high-quality natural gas and contributing to the road works.

In Indonesia, CNOOC Southeast Asia Limited completed the renovation of two public primary and secondary schools around the community where the Company operates, much to the delight of the local students and residents. While supporting infrastructure construction, the Company also turned its attention to the plight life of local fishermen, providing training in marine products processing and helping them increase their income by utilizing local resources.

CNOOC Iraq Limited organized many activities to benefit local residents. Seeing that the villages lacked water and electricity supplies, the Company laid water pipes and cables to facilitate water and power transmission. As the local educational facilities were simple and crude, the Company donated computers and printers to the local schools, and helped renovate them.

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